Advanced Management in Humanitarian Action

Lecturer(s) Pat Gibbons
  • Course Description

    This module is design to provide students with the competences to interrogate humanitarian response and prescribe options to strengthen the localisation aspects of current and future humanitarian interventions. Based on the premise that humanitarian response is current experiencing a significant change in the way humanitarian actors engage with local actors, students will examine ways to strengthen the humanitarian localisation while staying true to the humanitarian principles. The module is being delivered in partnership with a number of humanitarian stakeholders thus affording the student the opportunity to visit NGO headquarters to discuss the challenge that they experience in strengthening humanitarian localisation.
  • Learning Outcomes

  • Teaching and Learning

    This module employs a range of teaching and learning approaches in fulfillment of the goal - that students have the competencies to engage with humanitarian stakeholders to advise on how to strengthen the management of project to support the localisation of humanitarian response. Students will critique the appropriateness of contemporary humanitarian strategic management processes and practices to support localising humanitarian response. The will be guided through a review of literature supported by video lectures and classroom discussion. They will then visit a number of INGOs from different philosophical traditions - Dunanist, Wilsonian and Faith Based and interrogate the challenges that each face in pursuing the localisation agenda. Students will then examine real cases and advise on ways to strengthen the localisation components of selected projects. 
  • Assessment

  • Assessment Feedback

Last updated: 31 August 2019

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