Health and Social Impact Assessment

Lecturer(s) Berni Murphy
  • Course description

    This unit allows students to gain an understanding of the history, contexts, processes and outcomes of health and social impact assessment. It will develop skills which will enable students to understand the application of either SIA or HIA. Links between health/ environmental/ social impact assessment and policy assessment will be explored with particular reference to their relevance for individual and community wellbeing. Case studies undertaken in Australia and overseas will be used to illustrate the theories and students will have the opportunity to review and evaluate impact assessment projects relating to health and social impacts of developments within policy frameworks or within a community setting.
  • Main themes

    1.     The history of impact assessment, the development of social and health impact assessment and contemporary applications of each of these;
    2.    The contexts for health and social impact assessment applications;
    3.    The processes and methods used in health and social impact assessment;
    4.    Contemporary and international debates including consideration of equity and integrated working to underpin policy and decision making;
    5.    The role of evidence in policy processes
    6.    case studies of current and completed health and social impact assessments.
  • Learning outcomes

    Upon completion of this unit, successful students can:
    ULO1: Explain the range of contexts in which health and social impact assessments are undertaken and the factors that need to be taken into consideration when applying impact assessment methodologies in these differing contexts
    ULO2: Analyse the scope or opportunities that exist for strengthening or broadening the application of health and social impact assessment techniques especially in a range of policy contexts.
    ULO3: Review and evaluate samples of completed health and social impact assessments for quality, effectiveness and impact.
    ULO4: Demonstrate practical capacity to plan an impact assessment, prepare a brief to commission one to be undertaken, and evaluate a report of a completed impact assessment. Communicate these capabilities in a range of ways (i.e. oral presentation and written report).
  • Teaching and learning methodology

    Taught in intensive mode at Burwood.
  • Assessment methods and criteria

    Assessment task 1: Individual assignment, annotated bibliography (1500 words) 30%
    Assessment task 2: Group presentation 20%
    Assessment task 3: Essay (2500 words) 50%
  • Reuired reading

    Your unit learning resources are provided via CloudDeakin.

Last updated: 9 October 2017

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