Humanitarian Action in Practice

Seminar, Workshop
  • Course Description

    Students have the option to choose between two practice -based modules that involve applying their knowledge gained through the NOHA Master’s to two humanitarian projects based at the IFHV. Students can choose from either: 
    -Vulnerability, Resilience, and Disaster Risk
    -International Humanitarian Law Clinic

  • Vulnerability, Resilience, and Disaster Risk

    In this module, students will engage with the concepts of vulnerability, resilience and disaster risk. Based on this, they will receive a short introduction to space-based technologies and learn how to use geospatial information and services to support all phases of the disaster management cycle. Finally, they will learn about the essential components of a disaster risk reduction program for developing the resilience of a selected community. This module works with the World Risk Report, a publication on global disaster risk currently being published in conjunction with the IFHV and support of the NOHA Network.
    Topics of discussion focus on:
    -Conceptual Background and Critical Aspects
    -Methodological Approaches to Disaster Risk and Needs Assessments
    -Disaster Risk Reduction in Practice

  • International Humanitarian Law Clinic

    In this module, students work alongside a professor and law students here at the Ruhr University Bochum on actual current cases involving humanitarian organisations. NOHA Students working in this module may work on answering specific humanitarian sub-questions of real humanitarian law cases that are worked on for months at a time. Past cases have included organisations including MSF, ICRC, and the German Red Cross.
    Topics of discussion focus on:
    -Applied International Humanitarian Law
    -Humanitarian Space
    -Negotiating Access
    -Protection of Humanitarian Workers

Last updated: 27 March 2018

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