Migration and Migration Control

Lecture, Seminar
Lecturer(s) Derek Lutterbeck
  • Course description

    This study-unit will provide an overview of migration and migration control issues, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region. The first part will introduce some general concepts and theories relevant for the study of international migration. This will be followed by a historical overview of migratory patterns in the Mediterranean region.
    The study-unit will then address a number of specific aspects of international migration, such as (root) causes of migration, integration issues, political and economic impacts of migration, as well as migrant smuggling and human trafficking. The last part will be devoted to migration control policies, examining both internal and external migration control mechanism.
  • Main themes

    The aims of this study unit are to:
    • Provide the students with an overview of the main theories and concepts relevant to the study of international migration;
    • Provide an overview of past and current migratory patterns in the Mediterranean region;
    • Examine some of the main (contemporary) issues pertaining to international migration, such as the (root) causes of migration, political and economic impacts of migration, integration issues as well as migrant smuggling and human trafficking;
    • Discuss migration control mechanisms and policies. 
  • Learning outcomes

    1. Knowledge and Understanding:
    By the end of the study units, students will be able to:
    - Explain past and current migratory patterns;
    - Understand many of the current challenges pertaining to international migration;
    - Analyse states’ migration control policies, including their (potential) impacts.
    1. Skills:
    By the end of the study units, students will be able to:
    - Critically analyse the complex phenomenon that is international migration;
    - Critically analyse migration control policies.  
  • Assessment methods and criteria

    Presentation (15 Minutes) – 40% Weighting
    Examination (2 Hrs) – 60% Weighting
  • Required reading

    Stephen Castles, Hein de Haas and Mark J.Miller, The Age of Migration, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013 (5th Edition).
    James F.Hollifield, Philip L.Martin, Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective, Stanford University Press, 2014 (3rd Edition).

Last updated: 16 January 2018

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