UCD: Public Health (Medicine)

Lecture, Seminar
  • Main themes

    Introduction to Public Health and Humanitarian Assistance
    Health Assessment, Health Systems and Water Supply
    Shelter, Settlement Planning, Excreta and Waste Management
    Food and Nutrition Security
    Vaccines, Essential Drugs, Reproductive Health and Communicable Disease Control
    Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support
    Basics of EpidemiologyVector Control, Health Promotion, NCDs
  • Learning outcomes

    • Has a comprehensive understanding of public health in different emergency contexts.
    • Has demonstrated the ability to integrate a public health response into the often complex social and cultural environment of those affected by humanitarian principles.
    • Has demonstrated to possess the fundamental skills to plan and implement health interventions in emergencies regarding food security, water and environmental health, communicable diseases, psycho-social/psychological issues, health care services and health information systems.
    • Has demonstrated the necessary skills for communicating public health situations and conclusions, to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
    • Has a clear understanding of personal health and safety risks in disasters.
    • Has developed a capacity to cope with personal health and security issues.
  • Teaching and learning methodology

    Module will be delivered with the help of lectures, plenary discussions, group work and the use of videos.
  • Assessment methods and criteria

    1. Project (50%): Please see handout for details. The deadline for submission is 24th October 2016.
    2. End-of Module Exam (50%): There will be a 2 hour exam on 28th October 2016. Further details about the exam will be provided during the module.
    3. Resits and Remediation

Last updated: 15 November 2016

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