UCD: International Humanitarian Law

Lecture, Seminar
  • Course description

    The overall objective of the module is to familiarise students with the key legal instruments, concepts and issues pertaining to international law as they relate to humanitarian action and to enable them to apply this learning to concrete cases. Relevant bodies of international law addressed by the module include international humanitarian law, international human rights law, refugee law and disaster law.
  • Main themes

    Introduction to Legal Methodology and International Law
    International Human Rights Law
    International Humanitarian Law
    Legal Regime of Humanitarian Action in Armed Conflict
    Forced Displacement and International Law
    Legal Regime of Humanitarian Action in Natural/Technological Disaster Settings
  • Learning outcomes

    a)     A good understanding of the basic concepts of International Law. 
    b)     An ability to identify different aspects of International Law and their implications for humanitarian action.
    c)     An ability to apply key legal instruments.
    d)     The principal skills for applying mechanisms of dispute settlement.
    e)     The ability to convince as far as legal argumentation in HA is concerned.
    f)      A clear understanding of the possibilities and limits to the applicability and enforcement of International Law.
    g)     The capacity to introduce personal responsibility.
  • Teaching and learning methodology

    The module will employ a combination of lectures and problem-based learning to achieve the learning outcomes identified. Students are expected to attend each lecture/seminar having read the advance reading assigned. The problem-based learning aspects of the module will centre around hypothetical case studies. Students will be expected to work collaboratively to address the questions posed by each of the case studies and to present their findings orally.
  • Assessment methods and criteria

    Assessment will be based on a two-hour unseen written examination.

Last updated: 5 May 2017

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