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Established in 1841, Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York, is one of the leading private research institutions in the United States. With three campuses located in New York City, Fordham offers unparalleled opportunities for immersive learning experiences, internship opportunities, and cultural immersion in the heart of New York. Renowned for being a global university, Fordham has campuses in London, Grenada, and Pretoria. Fordham University is ranked in the top 100 universities in the United States by the prestigious U.S. News National University Rankings 2019 edition and is a top Fulbright producer in the United States, with 168 Fordham students being awarded Fulbright scholarships since 2003.

Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs

Founded in 2001 in partnership with the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation (CIHC), the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) is a university-wide center that reports directly to the President of Fordham University. By incorporating the academic rigor and intellectual standard of Fordham University with the experience and expertise of aid and development agencies in the field, we endeavor to advance the methods and framework by which humanitarian workers operate. As such, we serve as a unique bridge between academia and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Our mission is to train and educate current and future aid workers at local, regional, national, and international levels. We accomplish this by hosting humanitarian training courses in various rotating locations around the world, which equip individuals with the tools needed to respond thoughtfully and effectively in times of crisis, conflict, and disaster. We also publish on a wide range of humanitarian topics and regularly host events that further create an increased understanding of global humanitarian crisis through critical analysis and shared experiential knowledge.

Master of Science in Humanitarian Studies

Fordham University’s Master’s program in Humanitarian Studies focuses on humanitarian assistance across a range of relevant disciplines. Building on the theoretical examination of key humanitarian issues cultivated in the undergraduate program, the MS program develops practical field skills and offer unique experiential learning opportunities in New York and overseas. The MS draws approximately half of the courses from existing programs taught by full-time faculty or IIHA full-time instructional staff, and half of the coursework being newly-created and taught by field experts and practitioners or policymakers. This careful design ensures that students receive significant exposure to the field’s foundational theories and key concepts, alongside learning that is of a more applied nature and in some cases, experientially- based.

The Master of Science in Humanitarian Studies is designed for recent college graduates seeking early career opportunities with humanitarian organizations. Courses concentrate on introducing students to the technical skill sets and thematic knowledge necessary for contributing meaningfully to humanitarian operations. The multidisciplinary training and professional experience gained through the program will make graduates competitive candidates for a wide range of positions within humanitarian organizations. They will also be in a prime position for eventual promotion to mid level management positions, as these posts increasingly require advanced degrees in addition to work experience.

Therefore, the program seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. 1)  To prepare graduates to address humanitarian challenges, using appropriate methodologies, and apply their knowledge to inform the delivery and effectiveness of humanitarian assistance.

  2. 2)  To fulfill a growing demand for early career humanitarian professionals who possess an in-depth knowledge of a specific region and/or thematic area as well as a mastery of specific competencies and skills, including evaluation frameworks, project accounting and budget analysis, human resource management, and information management and development strategies

  3. 3)  To provide graduates a deep comprehension of the skill sets necessary for early career positions in humanitarian organizations and how those skills reflect the principles of humanitarian action and translate to higher managerial roles.

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  • Courses for Fordham University

    Semester Three       August-December 2021

    During their stay at Fordham University, NOHA students will be able to take up to four courses offered by the Institute of International Affairs and other departments under the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The courses offered vary semester by semester, and we cannot guarantee that any particular course will be offered during students’ Third Semester. List of courses beyond the Core MSHS will be illustrative and will depend on the number of students who register and semester offered. Please check our website for examples of interdisciplinary courses offered under our Human Rights, Communities and Capacity Building, and Livelihoods and Institutions tracks. We encourage you to reach out to Executive Director, Brendan Cahill (, to inquire about course selections for the Fall 2021.
    Students attending Fordham can choose one of the following options*:
    Students can take 3 courses worth 3 US credits (approximately 6 ECTS) each and 1 independent study program (which could be either research or an internship) worth 1 US credit each (approximately 2 ECTS), amounting to a total of 10 US credits and approximately equivalent to 20 ECTS. An independent study includes research and a final paper that the student will complete under the supervision of a Fordham University faculty member on a topic selected by the student and approved by the faculty member. Research and internships can be based in New York or be virtual. The IIHA may help students, when possible, to find an internship in New York, but the students themselves are ultimately responsible for securing the internship.

    *Not all options may be applicable to all students depending on national requirements at their NOHA home university. Please check with the director of your NOHA home university, which option(s) are available for you.

    Please note that due to the rigorous academic programming at Fordham University, expect mandatory attendance and completion of periodic assignments such as readings and presentations in addition to a midterm and final examination.

    Regarding internship opportunities, IIHA can assist you in identifying relevant organizations that offer internships in New York, and can also provide advice on how to navigate the various application processes. However, IIHA cannot guarantee that a NOHA student will secure an internship during your semester at Fordham.
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