Call for Consultants: Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment

NOHA is hereby inviting qualified consultants to submit proposals to conduct a strategic planning review and process and an organisational risk assessment of the network.

Background & objectives

The NOHA Board of Directors and General Assembly recognise the importance of having strong and appropriate organisational, strategic and managerial structures in place to enable future expansion and goal achievement. Both, the strategic planning process and risk management are a central part of this. NOHA’s current strategy (2015-2019) is soon coming to an end and the next strategy needs to be developed for the period 2020-2025.

NOHA therefore wants to commission the development of a strategic plan, including the evaluation of the previous strategy, and an organisational risk assessment. The process aims to provide a better understanding of (1) NOHA’s organisational capacity and skills, (2) the strength and sustainability of the existing structure, (3) processes to support changes in NOHA’s funding sources, and (4) the level of risk embedded within NOHA. In addition, and based on the risks identified, the strategic planning review and process seeks to define the future direction, strategy and priorities of the network.

Scope of work

In close coordination with the NOHA General Secretariat and the Executive Committee, the Consultant will conduct the risk assessment of the network, review the past strategy and develop a 5-year strategic plan. For a detailed scope of work, deliverables, timeline and requirements, please refer to the Terms of Reference and Scope of Service.

How to apply

If interested, please send a cover letter, CV and a technical concept note describing the process suggested (one page maximum) and a financial proposal including consultancy fees per day and a global allocation for travel and costs for activities (one page maximum) to: by 30 July 2018 quoting in the subject “Strategic planning process NOHA”. Please note that the maximum total budget allocated for fees, mission costs and activities is of 25,000€.

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