Call for Scholars and Guest Lecturers

The NOHA Consortium will award scholarships to four different invited scholars and/or guest lecturers for a total minimum of eight weeks in the 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 editions of the programme.

The main aim of the grants is to invite scholars and guest lecturers holding an outstanding academic and/or professional profile from different world regions to train our students on anthropology and intercultural aspects of humanitarian action and particularly effective local humanitarian responses. This will enhance students’ understanding of how to respond and address local needs adequately in different complex emergencies. Invited scholars’ involvement is expected to bring added value to each student intake in terms of student-centred, teaching/lecturing and research activities, Master thesis support, academic and/or professional networking, etc.

Scholars' mobility is considered eligible between NOHA delivering universities and from partner universities and organisations. Invited scholars and guest lecturers may also come from an organisation outside the Consortium in case such mobility is clearly linked to the Master course. Scholar/guest lecturer paid by other EU funding schemes (including other Erasmus+ actions) cannot be considered eligible.

The deadline for the next round of applications is 31 May 2018. Applications should be made using the Guest Scholar Application Form and sent by email to with the subject heading "Invited Scholars/Guest Lecturers Application".

Scholars/guest lecturers should:

  • Demonstrate outstanding academic and/or professional experience in the field of anthropology and intercultural aspects of humanitarian action and on any other aspect that is considered a priority for the NOHA programme. For example, for the next edition advanced management in humanitarian action is a priority.
  • Bring concrete added value to the EMJMD intake in terms of student-centred teaching/lecturing and research activities, Master thesis support, academic and/or professional networking, etc.
  • Contribute, after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of the Erasmus Mundus Programme in general, and NOHA in particular, in their university and country of origin.  

Priority will be given to applicants who wish to work on a joint research funding application/project or joint publication in collaboration with academic(s) at the proposed EM NOHA host universities. Scholars will be asked to write a short report/testimonial for use on the Consortium website and for inclusion in reports to the EACEA.

Scholar/guest lecturers' remuneration

Scholars holding an Erasmus Mundus scholarship will normally spend a minimum of one-two weeks at one of the Consortium's partner universities. Ideally scholars should visit more than one NOHA University.

The remuneration will amount to EUR 1,500 per week, covering both travel/installation contribution and working fees. A "week" is defined as minimum 4 out of 7 consecutive calendar days. 8 consecutive days cannot be considered as 2 weeks.

The host university will provide office space and assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements.

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